Prosper Book

Defining prosperity... the first step to creating it

One reason prosperity is so elusive is because it's so hard to establish a clear, concrete definition of what it means to prosper. The definition varies with each individual and is influenced by his or her own personal values and priorities.

While human beings have pursued prosperity since the dawn of civilization, it seems only few have been able to achieve it. For most of us, the path to prosperity seems bumpier than ever with today's financial turmoil. Everyone in the economy—college students starting their careers, middle managers trying to expand business, entrepreneurs hoping to launch a business, workers getting ready for retirement—faces harsh realities of employment, advancement, compensation, and job security.

What is Prosperity?

The first question we ask the students who come to us for personalized coaching is what a prosperous life looks like to them. We don't define prosperity; our students do. In both good and bad economic conditions over the past ten years, our company has coached over 75,000 students, each with their own unique definition of prosperity.

Recently, we asked our students to tell us just what prosperity means for them. We noticed many reoccurring terms such as money, wealth, income, security, savings, health, family, and friends. We were also impressed with how many of the definitions included love, service to others, volunteering, serving the community, and other selfless acts.

Prosperity Defined

Our definition is represented by the following equation:

Money + Happines + Sustainability = Prosperity

When you have enough money, when you are happy with what you are doing and content with yourself, and have built something that is sustainable, then we say you are prosperous. Balancing money, happiness and sustainability leads to prosperity. The prosperity that we value depends on the cultivation of our inner selves, our core selves, and without that, no amount of external compensation can fully make us happy.

The Book

Once you have the vision of what your prosperity zone includes, the hardest part is understanding how to make that vision a reality. The Prosper Book is designed to teach readers six practices that will lead to prosperity. It outlines the necessary steps in finding the perfect balance of money, happiness and sustainability to create a truly prosperous life. Backed by over ten years of entrepreneurial experience in the personal coaching industry, Ethan Willis and Randy Garn provide insightful and useful advice on making your life a prosperous one.

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